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Houston is one of the nation’s most vibrant and diverse cities, with a population of over 2 million people. It is a city of opportunity where you can enjoy big city living with a hometown feel. Houston has quickly become the third-largest city in the nation.  Through the years, Houston has enjoyed significant economic success, being home to the largest medical center in the world and known as the world’s energy capital. Business is booming, the population continues to grow rapidly, and developments are popping up throughout the Houston metro area.

Such growth does not come without its challenges. Significant challenges include decreased mobility, increased traffic congestion, an aging infrastructure resulting in deteriorating streets, drainage issues, reduced green space, frequent flooding, outdated internal controls, systems, procedures, and a strained police force.

In 2017 the Harvey floods significantly weakened the integrity of our streets, highways, and drainage systems, further exacerbating the deterioration rate of Houston’s infrastructure. Too many of our citizens lost their businesses and livelihoods following the flooding. Many citizens lost their homes and belongings and struggled to meet their basic needs. 2 years later, while the city was still rebuilding and citizens had yet to recover fully, COVID-19 further exacerbated the threats to already vulnerable communities. 

I love this city, the skyline still takes my breath away, and the opportunities that Houston has given me over the course of 30-plus years are immeasurable. This city has given me everything; however, in 2017, my family also became a casualty of the Harvey floods; you see, my family lost most of our belongings in the flood waters, and my business deteriorated as people shifted focus to rebuilding their homes and their lives. Since 2017, I, too, have worked to rebuild along with so many of my friends and neighbors throughout the city. After years of working in collaboration with local and state government entities, I have witnessed systematic dysfunction; taxpayer dollars that should be allocated to strengthening our city instead go towards top-heavy administrative departments while reducing vital city services, robbing our citizens of their quality of life.

  • I will work with Harris County Flood Control and Commissioners Court to ensure our infrastructure projects are progressing as planned and communicate progress to our community.

  • I will fight to increase constituent participation in respective neighborhood improvement projects and work with developers to integrate systems that encourage utilizing local labor and contractors.

Quality of Life 

  • I will create opportunities for neighbors to come together and be informed about what’s happening in our communities.

  • I will work to develop and increase partnerships with community gatekeepers, social media outlets, and local businesses to ensure communities have access to information.

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Safer Communities

  • I will work with HPD and other local law enforcement to ensure we are exploring all available resources to increase public safety. 

  • I will work with communities to create family-friendly strategies and opportunities to reduce crime and increase neighbors’ collaboration.

  • I will aggressively work to support efforts to secure needed resources to increase public safety efforts.

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Small Business Development
  • I will fight to evaluate existing small business programs to identify potential gaps and strengthen existing strategies to provide competitive opportunities for small businesses.

  • Houston’s Skilled Labor Force:

  • I will work towards growing the city’s skilled workforce through developing and strengthening partnerships with schools, higher education entities, and companies to increase and promote internships and apprenticeship opportunities.

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